Saturday, June 5, 2010

Quick Note

I added a new site, Violence Unsilenced, to our blogroll. The website is a venue for people, particularly women bloggers, to speak out about domestic and sexual violence they've lived through. If you click on the general website link, it takes you to a trigger warning for the whole site, but if you click the link for the most recent update, it will go right to the person's story, with not additional warning at the beginning of the post.

So: TRIGGER WARNING for all Violence Unsilenced links. I think it's awesome that women have carved out that space on the internet for their stories of survival, and that it is important for everyone to check in with that reality when they feel safe, but it is a site entirely composed of violence and trauma, and inspiring or not, they still feel like a kick in the gut. To both survivors and allies. I think it's very important, but look out for yourselves as you go along, folks.

Bonus: the Resources page is excellent, with national info as well as state by state contacts, and, mais oui, more blogs!

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